About the play


Winston Lambert was a renowned dancer and choreographer. Now, at 55, he is ill and spends most of his time in a chair at home. Tyler Morrison is 21, an elite dance student with enormous promise and Winston's live-in lover.  As Winston travels towards an uncertain future, he begins to ask the hard questions of himself, often prompted by the powerful performing presence of a silent male dancer, seen only by him.  Tyler, noticing that Winston seems uncharacteristically preoccupied with his past, though unaware of the seriousness of the situation, decides to locate someone special from those salad days and arrange a visit to cheer Winston up and provide a bit of distraction during this supposed recovery period.  Enter Benjamin Cain, Winston's first love and college roommate.  It is a precious fun and memory-filled reunion visit, but Benjamin's continued presence in their lives, as well as his own personal agenda, threaten Winston and Tyler's relationship and forces all three men to examine the fine line between the embrace and comfort of memories and the danger of living in the past and relying on illusion to avoid the future.