About the Setting

TIME:          April - October, 2013

PLACE:        A Brownstone in Brooklyn, New York

                    Living room, bedroom



Scene 1:     An afternoon in April

Scene 2:     An evening the following June

Scene 3:     Later that night


Scene 1:     The next morning

Scene 2:      An evening the following August

Scene 3:      An afternoon  the following October

A stylish, restored brownstone In Park Slope. Beautifully decorated, contemporary, artistic. Sunny. In addition to the front door, there is a swinging door leading to the kitchen and a door to the bathroom. A staircase leads to bedrooms on the second floor. There is a comfortable recliner chair for Winston with a side table that holds prescription drug bottles, tissues, water glass and carafe among other items. Additional furniture might include a sofa, end tables, lamps, dining table, chairs and a bar. Art work and sculpture throughout. Sophisticated.

A French country style bedroom, with king size bed, nightstands, dresser, chest of drawers, chairs. Floral bed linens & curtains; wall paper. Antiques and framed photos throughout. A variety of lamps giving the room a warm glow. Nightstand on WINSTON’S side of the bed holds several prescription drug bottles and books among other items.